Level 1 - Fireplace Dog

Couch potato, super easy, low energy, and no issues. This level of dog would do well in any home regardless of owner experience. We rarely come across this level of dog.

Level 2 - Easy Large Breed Companion Dog

Low to moderate energy adult, needs some exercise but it is not a daily requirement. This dog will do well in most homes. This dog gets along with most other dogs, gets along with most other people and have been successfully been around children. The dog has no real behavioral issues that need to be managed or dealt with daily. This dog is an easy family dog.

Level 3 - Standard Large Breed Adult Dog

Moderate energy adult dog, needs daily exercise of some sort to thrive and stay happy. This dog will do well in many types of homes, but some situations will not work for this dog. S/he may not get along with some types of dogs and may be reactive to some other dogs while on leash. S/he may have too much energy to be around small children while unattended and may have some behavioral issues that will require formal training or daily monitoring for the dog to successfully live happily in a family. These issues are normally minor such as fence climbing, prey drive, minor separation anxiety, nervousness in crowds, or other minor behavioral traits. A potential adopter for a level 3 dog must have prior, recent large breed dog experience and be able to demonstrate the ability to successfully deal with the level 3 dog that they wish to adopt.

Level 4 - Standard Large Breed Puppy / Experienced Ownership Required Dog

Puppy or moderate, high or very high energy/drive adult dog. Needs an experienced owner familiar with working breed behavior to provide direct leadership and proper management. Puppies and level 4 adult dogs typically have a challenging behavior but are good dogs. These dog need lots of daily physical exercise and mental stimulation, might be dog-reactive with most other dogs, may have to be an only animal in the home, and may have moderate separation anxiety. This level of adult dog is not an average pet. A potential adopter for a level 4 dog must be able to demonstrate the experience and ability to safely manage and care for a puppy or level 4 adult dog.

Level 5 - Competitive or Working Dog

This is a dog that has an intense focus to ‘work’. It could be a dog that provides Search and Rescue services, could be a competitive Flyball or Agility dog, or has other working abilities. These dogs can be strong, pushy, dominant, and/or have extreme energy/drive. They need a professional handler or an owner who has the experience to provide a demonstrated commitment to the dog’s ‘working ability’. A potential adopter for a level 5 dog must be able to demonstrate the experience and ability to safely manage and care for a level 5 dog.