Adoption Process

  1. Submit Application
    We seek adopters with previous GSD or large breed experience for the best fit, and prefer to adopt within our local geographic region. If renting your home, your landlord must complete ShepHeroes’ Landlord Permission Agreement for your application to move forward.

  2. Interview
    After submission, you'll receive an email indicating status of your application and information on assignment to an adoption counselor (AC).

  3. Home Check
    After your interview, your AC will arrange for your home visit (HV). All household members & resident dogs should attend that meeting.

  4. Meet the Pet
    After your HV and once approved, you'll be able to meet potential matches. All household members & resident dogs should attend the meetings.

  5. Sign Adoption Contract
    Once you've found your perfect match, you review and sign the adoption contract.

  6. Pay Fee
    Our adoption fees are: $400 for dogs under 12 months, $350 for dogs 1-6 y/o, and $200 for dogs 7 y/o and older.

  7. Take the Pet Home
    Once you've signed all the paperwork, you can take your new pup home!